S2: EP80- Core Wounds Inside Relationships with Liz Eskridge

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her assistant, Liz, as they discuss how core wounds can show up in your relationships. 

All of our core wounds begin in a relationship, usually the one with our parents. So it would make sense that those wounds would show up over the course of our lives, in various ways, in most of our closest relationships. 

Those earliest core wounds are often the filter through which we see ourselves, others, and the world around us. They impact how we attach in relationships, and how we respond to the actions of those around us. 

The core wound of “I will be abandoned” seems to be a wound that many of us carry. It can be difficult sometimes to discover our core wounds, as often they are subconscious. However, if you are experiencing a fear or insecurity, that is often a great place to begin to peel back the onion of of why you are experiencing that emotion, feeling, or fear. Creating a consciousness and an awareness around your core wounds then allows you to create a new story around them. You can choose to respond differently when you are able to recognize that the place where that wound began really wasn’t about you at all. When you are able to feel however, that wound makes you feel, and get past that moment, often it is there that real healing can begin.

While that wound will likely never go away, the real healing is in the awareness, which then allows you to see it differently. To respond from a healthier place. And to move through your relationships with awareness and a sense of worthiness. 


– How core wounds impact your attachment style

– Fear of conflict 

– The core wound of “I will be abandoned”

– Conscious and honest parenting 

– How the same core wound can present differently for each of us 

– Awareness is the ultimate healing

– Bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness

– How avoiding feelings keeps us from healing  

– Learning to communicate from a place of worthiness

– And much more! 

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