S2: EP86- 3 Ways To Honor Your Body’s Wisdom

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Show Notes

Join Mary as kicks off this month’s topic, Body Wisdom. We are all born with an innate connection to our bodies. Somewhere along the way, most of us lose that connection. As babies we are born with the ability to let our caretakers know when we are hungry, and we know to stop when we are satisfied. As we get older parents or caregivers may self impose their ideas around food.

Maybe we grew up in the “clean plate club”.

Maybe we experienced food insecurity growing up.

Maybe we experienced other things growing up that created shame around food and eating and we stopped listening to our own bodies.

Somewhere a long the way we stopped listening to and stopped respecting our own bodies. Even as adults we are being given messages about our body. We are told our bodies are against us if we gain weight. We are told there is something wrong with us if we don’t look a certain way.

We need to begin to rebuild self trust with our bodies. We need to trust our bodies cues. 

3 Ways To Honor Your Bodies Wisdom

  1. Rebuild Self Trust- Just like any trust in any relationship that is being rebuilt, this takes times. We have to let go of the belief that our body is broken. We have to see ourselves as whole. We have to let go of the idea that our body is against us. Your body is not your enemy. 
  2. Learn Your Body’s Language- Your body is always communicating with you through sensation. Learn your body’s unique signals and signs. 
  3. Respect Your Bodies Limits- Your body is constantly analyzing your environment. When your body is telling you “no”, we need to learn to respect that. Your body will always give you the right answer.  


Messaging that overrides our innate intuition  

How our stress response disconnects us from our body

Relearning to trust our bodies

You are the ultimate authority on your body

Where you have trusted your body in the past

Honoring your body’s wisdom 

Questions you can ask your body to begin to reconnect to it  

Listening to the subtle ways your body speaks to you 

Building and cultivating a relationship with your body for the long term

– And More!  


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. June’s topic will be on BODY WISDOM. 



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