S2: EP87- Connecting To Your Energetic Body with Lindsley Brooks

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her part time co-host, Lindsley Brooks, as they talk about the power we have when we learn to listen to our energetic body. 

Each of us has an energy, or aura, that is unique to us. Modern technology can measure and identify that everything has energy and a vibration. The energy we put  our affects those arounds us, and others energy also affects us. If we want to live a healthy life we have to learn how to elevate our energy and vibration. When our energy is “off” or isn’t flowing well, it can create imbalance and disease in the body. We can often connect symptoms in the body to places where our own energy might need some work or where someone else’s energy might be negatively impacting us. Tuning into the energies of the body is an incredible ancient tool that we can use to allow our body to communicate with us. Everything that eventually shows up and manifests in the body, first starts in our energy field. 

Each of our various energy centers, or chakras, are responsible for specific parts of the body, emotions, and organs. Our energy centers posses healing energy that we can use to bring balance to our physical body and emotions. 

7 Main Chakras

The Root Chakra- Located at the base of our spine. Responsible for our sense of longing. The chakra is responsible for grounding us and giving us a sense of direction. Connected to your feet, ankles, legs, and adrenals.

The Sacral Chakra- Located 2 inches below the belly button. Connected to the sweetness of life. About desire, creativity, passion, desire, and sexuality. There is a flowy nature to it. Connected to your sexual organs, your low back, and your bladder. 

The Solar Plexus- Located 2 inches above the belly button. Connected to a sense of personal power and self will. It is the warrior part of us. It is the part of us that takes action. Connected to your digestion, gallbladder, adrenals, pancreas, and liver.

The Heart- It is located in the chest. It is airy and light. It is in charge of circulation, our lungs, and love others and self. 

The Throat- Located in the throat. In charge of communication and creativity. Can be attached to hormone, jaw, shoulders, ears, nose and throat issues. 

Third Eye- Located between the brows. In charge of imagination, wisdom, and discernment. Nightmares, headaches, and vision issues begin here. Connected to your personal identity and creating your future. 

Crown- Located on the top of the head. Connected to thought. In charge of knowledge, bliss, and understanding. Could be connected to depression and your ability to have an open mind. 

When we can balance these energy centers it deeply affects our overall well being. This is a beautiful way that our body can point us in the direction of things that need attention and healing. 


The roots of modern medicine

The 7 main Chakras 

Bringing balance to your energy centers

How the earth can help to heal our physical body 

Reclaiming your right to be here

The power of our words over our physical body

How the physical body often mirrors our emotions

And more! 


Each month will be a deep dive into a topic that supports you on your journey to living more fully alive. June’s topic will be on BODY WISDOM. 

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