S3: EP1- Defining “Emotions”

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Show Notes

Join Mary as she kicks off the 3rd Season of Living Fully Alive podcast! We are going to spend Season 3 talking about emotions. This season we are going to slow down and be intentional in order to take a deep dive into our emotions. We want to truly understand your own emotions and move through this season of life with awareness and grace.

There are A LOT of emotions right now. All you have to do is hop on social media and you will see that so many of us are feeling heavy emotions, and often those emotions are coming out sideways. Maybe you aren’t using social media or other public platforms to let your emotions out, maybe you are stuffing your emotions. Maybe you are using food, alcohol, busyness, or other distractions to avoid feeling your feelings. When we disassociate from our feelings we aren’t living a life that is truly fully alive. 

We need to befriend our emotions in order to process them in a healthy way. We can’t keep avoiding them. When we are afraid of our emotions and our feelings we can’t get below the surface to deal with what is really going on. Maybe that fear comes from not understanding what emotions really are or where they come from. 


When an emotion feels too intense and when we don't want to integrate because the pain is too strong we end up shutting down and avoiding and numbing and dissociating.

What Are Emotions

  1. Emotions are the residual chemical records of the past. The body doesn’t know the difference between the original event of the past that is causing and emotion and the memory of the emotion. The chemical reaction in the body is the same, as though it were happening all over again. 
  2. Emotions are vibrations in the body. Emotions are just vibrations, they are just frequency in the body. 
  3. Emotions are not your identity. Feelings are something you experience, but they are not who you are. The only become attached to your identity when you use them to describe who you are. 
  4. Feelings are not facts. Feelings are an interpretation of what is happening in our real world and the chemistry of our bodies. AND often they are a rehearsed memory of the past. 

The goal this month is to make our emotional experience feel less scary, and more tangible so that you gradually give yourself permission to feel more. We will explore tools to process your emotions and expand your emotional vocabulary so you have a way to express more accurately what you are experiencing. When you can remember that emotions are not facts, that you are not your emotions, that they cannot hurt you because they are just energy and vibration, and that emotions are often hardwired in the brain and biologically conditioned in the body through past memories…we don’t have to be afraid of them.


What’s coming in Season 3

Why we fear our emotions 

The 4 part definition of “emotion”

The science of emotions

What happens in your physical body when you feel emotions

How emotions are records of the past

Why emotions are important feedback for our lives 

Giving yourself permission to not be defined by your emotions 

– And more! 



In this 8 part series we will be talking about Feeling To Heal in order to Live Fully Alive



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