S3: EP3- What’s Your Emotional Mindset with Rob Murray

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her very special guest, Robert Murray. Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Rob graduated from Stellenbosch University before moving to the United States in 2002. His professional journey led him to complete a Master’s degree in Social & Civic Entrepreneurship, and he is currently completing a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership. Rob is the CEO and co-founder of Transformed Leader, a leadership research, coaching, and consulting company that helps mission-driven organizations and leaders address and overcome their greatest challenges. Rob is a highly effective and experienced change agent for personal and professional growth amongst executives and corporate culture. He is the host of the “Talk of Change” Podcast opening up conversation around his work and research to drive emotional intelligence and transformative change.

It is hard to feel to heal if you haven’t yet woken up to what needs to heal. Each of us has a blueprint, an emotional mindset, that we are walking around in our life with. The way we engage with the world, especially emotionally, shows up in every area of our lives. We have to be able to name, access and identify our emotions. Once we can identify our emotions then we can connect our head and heart, and we can identify the light and the dark in each emotion.

12 Primary Emotions 

  1. Afraid
  2. Confident
  3. Lost
  4. Angry
  5. Excited
  6. Guilty
  7. Ashamed
  8. Cared For
  9. Hurt
  10. Sad
  11. Calm
  12. Lonely

 Join Mary and Rob as they discuss the importance of developing a common emotional language that invites you into deeper mind and heart integration and greater emotional intelligence.



Why starting with radical honesty is the 1st step to healing

How our childhood emotional blueprint impacts our adult life 

The 3 ways to relate to your emotions   

What is an “emotional mindset”

Learning to speak the language of the heart

Rob’s 12 Core Emotions

The importance of connecting your head and your heart

How each emotion has a “gift” and each emotion has a “shadow”  

– And more! 


In this 8 part series we will be talking about Feeling To Heal in order to Live Fully Alive


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