S3: EP6- Emotional Dysfunction Inside Relationships with Lindsley Brooks

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Show Notes

Join Mary and her former part time co-host and best friend, Lindsley Brooks as they dig into how emotional intelligence affects your interpersonal relationships. We all learned in our childhoods emotional survival techniques. We learned how to be seen, get love, and gain approval. These emotional blueprints and patterns often come with us into adulthood causing us to abandon ourselves in order to attempt to get our needs met. 

How do we learn something new? How do we learn to be in a healthy relationship with another person? When we find ourselves stuck in these patterns it is time to face the hard work of undoing the foundation of our patterning.  

The practice and work becomes undoing this patterning in order to show up as our true self in relationship without abandoning ourselves. When we address our wounds and triggers we can compassionately attend to the needs that are showing up. True healing is slow, tender, gentle, and compassionate. We can turn in towards ourselves and trust the process of healing. 

The hope is that when we heal ourselves we also can heal those around us and create healthy interpersonal relationships. 


– Identifying the roles you played as a child to get your needs met

– The importance of doing relationships well

– How and why we self abandon in relationships

– Indicators that you might be emotionally codependent

– What “Spiritual Bypassing” is and how you might be doing it

– The definition of “Gaslighting” and how it shows up in relationships

– Why emotional dysregulation is really a cry for safety

– Why emotional regulation is really about creating wholeness

– And more! 


In this 8 part series we will be talking about Feeling To Heal in order to Live Fully Alive



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