S4: EP1- Getting to the Root of Your Triggers

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It feels so good to be back with you after spending the past several months recalibrating and processing the last couple of years. 

Last week in a coaching session, my client had a major breakthrough around identifying the root of her trigger and I knew it was the topic to kick off Season 4. See we all get emotionally triggered from time to time, and it can set off a big unexpected and “irrational” reaction inside ourselves. So what do we do?

Owning our triggers can help us gain a new awareness of what is below the surface. It gives you the ability to own what’s yours. A trigger is a response to something in our environment. It can be a person, a relationship, a sound, a smell, or even a stranger online… When these things get stirred up it tells our body “There is danger here”. In these moments we need to remember that our response isn’t really about what is happening in that moment. It is about something else. Something that needs attending, healing, or forgiving. 

In this short episode, I explore what is really at play when we get triggered. Hint: it’s not about what we think it’s about. So what is the real root? And how can we come back to a sense of what’s true? I believe triggers are our teachers. They help us discover what fear or wound might need some attention, loving and healing. 

Have a listen today as we work to identify our triggers and allow them to lead us into healing. 


Defining what a trigger is

The 24 roots to your triggers

How triggers highlight your core wound 

Recognizing the theme of our triggers

Using the body as a tool to identify your triggers

The role shame plays in our triggers

How to get back to neutrality

The safest place to go when you’re triggered

– And more! 




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