S4: EP12- Learning To Accept Your Whole Self


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Have you banished parts of yourself? Most of us have parts of ourselves that we believe are unworthy, shameful, unlovable, and just not okay. We all have parts of ourselves that we reject and ultimately exile. When you believe parts of yourself are a threat to your worthiness you will do everything in your power to push that part of yourself aside and deny the truth of who you really are. But the truth is that you can never cut off the parts of who you are. It takes so much effort and energy to exist as only part of who you are. In order to show up as our most authentic self, we have to embrace the parts of ourselves that we work so hard to suppress. 


4 Steps To Welcoming Our Exiled Self

  1. Radical Honesty – What part of you or your story have you exiled?
  2. Self Compassion – Meet yourself with compassion. This is the opposite of shame. This is how we heal. By letting go of the non-acceptance, or conditional love, or withdrawal of grace. We reintroduce self compassion. It creates space for all of us to be welcomed. It creates safety and trust. It creates understanding and perspective that we need when we look at these exiled parts. And then we can take self compassionate action towards ourselves. We can respond to ourselves in a totally different way. 
  3. Acceptance – When we drop our own judgment or conditions – we can meet whatever is with acceptance. We don’t have to label these parts of ourselves as good or bad. They simply are. 
  4. Integration – This is when we live as our whole self. Showing up as our whole self. 

What parts of you have you kept hidden? What parts of you are you not bringing to the table? This episode is an invitation to get radically honest with yourself about the parts of you that you have been denying and see integration as the ultimate freedom.


How we all exile certain parts of ourselves

Denying your desires and needs 

What it’s like to live compartmentalized

Learning to understand your shadow side

4 steps to welcoming your exiled self

Why self compassion is the antidote to shame

Letting go of conditional self love

– And more! 


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