S4: EP2- Are You Out Of Alignment?


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Show Notes

The word “alignment” has been showing up a lot for me recently. The word itself gets thrown around A LOT. But what does it really mean to live your life in alignment? The only way to be in alignment is to be in integrity with your truest self. We don’t have to be doing everything perfectly. We just need to be operating from a place of wholeness. Our soul is always moving us towards wholeness and when we are out of alignment it will cause pain in our lives. The presence of pain is always an invitation to come back into alignment. When we recognize the symptoms that something isn’t quite right, then we can begin to take necessary steps to begin to come back to a place where we are living as our truest self. We can come into a place of joyful expansion.

When we don’t have the courage to get back to our truth it may appear that we are “self sabotoging”. In reality we are “self saving”. We have a really good reason why we might be trying to blow up our own life. This behavior is an opportunity to see what needs to reorient us back to our most authentic truth. Radical honesty is the first step to coming back to alignment. 

Things to consider when coming back into alignment

1) Is this life giving or life sucking?

2) Is this honoring my emotional capacity?

3) Is this honoring of my values

4) Is this honoring the season of life I am in? 

 If you find yourself lacking joy, pleasure and fulfillment, feeling massive pressure and energetic exhaustion… This episode is for you!


-The true meaning of alignment 

-How misalignment shows up in the physical body 

-What keeps us from living with integrity to ourselves 

-How self sabotage is actually self saving 

-The 4 factors to consider when moving back into alignment 

-How to detect the warning signs of being out of alignment

-Learning to listen to your inner yes and inner no


– And more! 




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