S4: E3- 5 Reasons to Learn Your Body’s Language


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The journey of self development usually starts with mindset work. We first learn how to shift our thinking and create more empowering beliefs. But that’s just the 1st layer. There is a deeper layer that involves connecting to the body. Our body has its own language and holds information, feedback, and wisdom that when understood, can be a game changer to how we live our lives. While our mind holds 20% of the information we need in order to create desired change, the body holds the other 80%. This is why it is so important to approach this holistically and not overlook the wisdom our bodies hold. But the language of the body is not verbal. It communicates through our senses. It is that quiet inner knowing. The subtle whispers. The sensations. The feelings. The vibrations… 

5 Reasons Why It's Important To Learn the Language of the Body

  1. It offers clues to walk you back to your wholeness. The language of your body holds profound insight, feedback, information and intuition into what may be out of alignment and how to return to greater wholeness. 
  2. It brings back your sovereignty. The language of your body puts the power back into your own hands to discover what is happening in the body and it fosters intimacy with self. 
  3. It helps you experience life more fully. The language of your body gives color and texture to life resulting in a richer loved experience. It aides in developing the ability to feel the full spectrum of emotions – pain and pleasure. 
  4. It creates sensitivity to the warning signs. The language of our body helps us catch more quickly when we are starting to get triggered or charged in order to help us regulate and ground faster. It also helps us sense when we’re out of alignment before we hit burnout or dis-ease. 
  5. It opens us up to more pleasure. When we are sensitive to what’s happening inside we can find that place of inner aliveness. That full body YES. Greater joy and pleasure.


What the language of the body is

How our bodies are the tool to reach greater alignment

Why mindset work is just the beginning

The process of dialoguing with the body

The 5 reasons it is important to learn the language of our body

Regaining personal body sovereignty

How to detect early warning signs when something feels off

How to foster more pleasure and inner aliveness 

– And more! 




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