S4: EP4- 5 Steps to Feel Your Emotions


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It’s human to want to avoid pain. We often find ways to avoid loneliness, sadness, anger, grief, heartbreak… because these emotions leave us exposed and vulnerable. But just like joy, happiness, pleasure, wonder… They are a part of life. It’s all part of the human experience. However, we can get better at being with the pain. Being conscious and fully alive requires us to become proficient in feeling our emotions. Most of us didn’t grow up in spaces where we were given the skills to process our emotions, so we bypass or rush through the process. When we do that our physical body suffers the consequences. Things like disease, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, anxiety, and depression are just a few examples of signs that we have buried emotions that need to be processed. But the good news is, we can learn HOW to do that work, and in this episode I will walk you through that process step by step.

5 Steps to Feel Your Emotions

A– Acknowledge. This is the moment where you admit you are having and emotional response. You don’y have to analyze the why. You just notice and acknowledge what you are feeling.

B– Befriend. This is the allowing. Instead of rejecting what we are feeling, we lean into the emotional experience. This is the moment we choose to not use our typical coping strategies, instead we lean into it. We allow what is coming up to be present.

I– Inquire. Get curious about what is showing up. This is where we explore the mental awareness around what is happening in this moment. This is also when we explore the physical awareness around what is happening and the physical effect of what is happening in our body.

E– Express. This can be the most uncomfortable step for many people. This is where we get out of our heads and allow the body to lead.  We utilize movement, breath, and sound to move the emotion out of our body to keep it from getting stuck in our physical body. We use the body to get grounded and regulate.

N– Nurture. This is where we bring in self compassion. This is where we meet ourselves with the highest level of love. Here we practice self compassion and offer ourselves messages of comfort. We get to love on the parts of ourselves having this experience.



– Talking about your emotions vs feeling them

What happens when we bypass our emotions

The power of befriending your emotions

Understanding your emotions as physical sensations

Liberating your emotions from your physical body

How to express your emotions

Cultivating compassion when processing emotions

– And more! 




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