S4: EP5- It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better


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No one ever tells you that this process is going to be hard. Creating a new life is going to cost you your old one. That dismantling can be painful. But there is hope in the process. However, we can’t overlook the becoming. The pain, the crying, the sadness, the darkness… It is all part of the process. You have likely built your whole life to avoid experiencing pain. As you raise your awareness and you start to feel your feelings it is going to be raw and painful. All the old stuff is going to rise to the surface. Breaking deep generational cycles is no small thing and getting through this requires that we do things that feel counterintuitive.

"To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest."

And so my sweet friends, this is the work. When we know we are going to be continually thrown out of the nest – for our own good – we need some guidance on how to get through it. Because it can feel so overwhelming that we want to give up. But we can’t.

Four Steps to Move Through the Messy Middle
  1. Admit it sucks. It’s okay to not like the pain and discomfort. It’s okay to be honest about where you are in the process.
  2. Come back to the present moment. So much of what adds to the pain is playing the “what if” game. We try to skip ahead of where we are. Come back to what is happening in front of you right now.
  3. Open to what is here. The way through is having radical acceptance of what is. To be in the present moment. It’s staying open when you want to close. It’s allowing any emotion that is here to be here.
  4. Offer tenderness to yourself. How we move through the messy, is with deep self compassion. We do not need more shoulds and pressure when we are feeling overwhelmed with all the processing and change. We need tenderness. Gentleness. Grace.


– The painful part of transformation and expansion

The analogy of the “GOO”

The work of breaking generational patterns 

Being counterintuitive in our approach to healing

4 Steps to move through the messy middle

Learning to give yourself grace

How to self validate along this journey of self discovery


– And more! 




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