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The holiday season is officially here! For many people the holiday season has looked different the last few years. There is a deep longing to return to our normal traditions and normal patterns during this time of the year. While social media might have you fooled, most of us do NOT experience a perfect holiday. Many of us experience family conflict, financial stress, religious pressure, an overwhelming feeling of not doing enough… during this time of the year. We often even have a holiday blueprint that we aren’t even aware of. What if you created a new blueprint? A new vision for what the holiday season could look like! When we can choose to do things like create boundaries, delegating tasks, and taking space when we need it we can avoid burnout and resentment. We can take into account our whole selves and what we need to move through the holiday season with grace and ease. 

6 Ways to Survive the Holidays

  1. Create a Holiday Intention – Think about your needs/desires ahead of time.
  2. Communicate With Your Partner and Immediate Family– Share your holiday intention to ensure you have backup and everyone is on the same team.
  3. Delegate- Avoid resentment and overwhelming by delegating tasks
  4. Determine Your Boundaries Ahead of Time- Really feel them in the body first, notice where there might be doubt, shame, fear, anxiety about holding a boundary.
  5. Communicate Plans With Extended Family– Renegotiable agreements and adjust expectations if necessary.
  6. Prioritize Alone Time- Take space when needed and communicate those needs.


How the holidays have changed the last couple of years

Social media and holiday expectations

6 ways to survive to holidays

Understanding and rewriting your holiday blueprint

The importance of delegation 

Why setting boundaries is vital

Giving yourself permission to prioritize self care  


– And more! 



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